The Best Brows For Your Face Shape

All your need to do is troll the Instagram accounts of Australian Makeup Artists like  @fernandohernasmua to realise that Beautiful Brows are on trends and here to stay.

Everyone wants the perfect brows, but it isn’t just a case of one-size (or shape) fits all. Does the shape of your face determine what brow shape looks best, and can one shape look better than another? The simple answer is,absolutely. That is why we always say, don’t be a slave to fashionand trends,just wear the best and most flattering shape to create your own superstar looks.

The first step is to establish which face shape you have, this will give you a clear understanding of the best shape that works for you. There are six main face shapes which we discuss below  – we offer you pro tips to identify which shape you have, plus highlight which celebrities are a match as a visual guide to create the perfect brow look to compliment your face.

The perfect brow shape will balance your face to achieve a youthful, glamorous and harmonious look. If your brows are uneven or too thin it can make your face look puffy, tired and unbalanced.

Long Face

Usually has a high forehead, and tapers to a thin jaw and have narrow temples.

Celebrity: Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker

Goal: To make your face appear oval.

Brow For You: You want to envisage your face in 3 even sections, allowing your brow to be full and high into your forehead and follow your natural growth pattern and not be angular and make sure your tail is strong but not too thick for width.

We Recommend: For a prominent brow bone use ‘Taylor’ Brow Guide for smaller bone structure and ‘Kelly ‘ Brow Guide for larger bone structure.

Oval Face

Often considered the ideal face shape. Forehead is wider than the chin and you will have prominent cheekbones – you lucky thing!

Celebrity: Jessica Alba, Kendal Jenna

Goal: To frame your eyes andface shape.

Brow For You: The perfect eyebrow shape is widely considered to be the soft angled and uplifted. The soft angled shape means the brow is full and the same width until the brow starts turning towards the tail after the iris.

We Recommend:  The Brow Guide ‘Monroe’ which is a perfect full arch, for a more petite face you could use ‘Kelly’ Brow Guide.

Heart Face

This is where the forehead and cheekbones are wide and the chin tapers to more of a point – like a heart.  This is a soft and feminine face shape, which looks naturally beautiful.

Celebrity: Scarlet Johansson, Reese Witherspoon

Goal: To soften the width of the face.

Brow For You: Is a soft angled shape meaning the brow is still full and the same width until after the iris turns towards the tail.

We Recommend: Prominent raised brow boneuse ‘Monroe’ Brow Guide or for flatter brow bone use ‘Kelly’ Brow Guide

Round Face

Also known as a ‘baby face’ – is the same width and length and the forehead and jawline are similar in width.

Celebrity: Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez

Goal: Make your face appear slimmer.

Brow For You: A high arched brow is the perfect look therefore your brow shape.It should follow a straight line to the highest point of the brow which creates more lift and opens the eye,plus make sure that the back of your tail is full.

We Recommend:  With large eyes, full face and if you have natural fuller brows like Devine Delevingne use Monroe Brow Guide or if with less hair use ‘Kelly’ Brow guide.

Diamond Face

This is not as common as the other face shapes; it is typically angular with the face being the widest at the temples.

Celebrity: Rihanna, Taylor Swift
Goal: To soften the angles of your face at the widest portion of the face to appear slimmer.
Brow For You: A curved eyebrow will be perfect as it softens the look and makes the widest area of your face slimmer.
We Recommend: Due to prominent brow bone and cheeks use ‘Taylor’ Brow guide

Square Face

Usually the forehead, cheekbones and jawlines are all about the same width, with the jawline having a squared feature.

Celebrity: Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie

Goal: To balance with a strong brow and soften hairline and jaw.

Brow For You: Full and strongshape will balance a heavier jawline and a defined peak at the top of the brow makes the brow appear stronger. The angle in the brows will create balance and by adding more powder to the back of the tails will add more definition and elegant profile.

We Recommend:  ‘Kelly’ Brow Guide for a defined strong finish

Mr Bond

Every leading man needs a Zoolander groomed brow. Yes, even our men can awaken their perfect brow within!! Men can go as natural as they want for their manscaping or as defined as they want be depending how metrosexual they want to be!

Celebrity: Adam Lambert or Chris Hemsworth

Brow for you: If going for the Adam Lambert, we recommend a series products from Pomade and Brow Gel, Scissors and Tweezers or if going for the Chris Hemsworth look Clear or Tinted gel due to sunbleaching and lightly tidy with tweezers and trim excess length to uplift and open your gentleman’s eyes.

We Recommend: For a defined Adam Lambert look  ‘Monroe’ Brow Guide or Bond, However for a more natural shape ‘Bond’ Brow Guide.

Whatever your face shape, there is always a perfect look that will enhance your inner Superstar!

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