Five Steps To Stunning Brow Success

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our eyebrows are the very important frames, but often people don’t give their brows the time and attention they deserve. Perfectly shaped brows can be one of the most important beauty regimes you can do – providing one of the simplest and most effective anti-aging, uplifting and flattering beauty services available.

Here we look at 5 steps to obtaining the perfect brows.

One: Understand your brow dilemma – If you have brows that are too thick, too thin or lack shape and definition then there are products and techniques that can correct, enhance and give you the perfectly shaped brow for your face shape. Remember, everyone is different so find what is your specific brow issue and then you can work towards a brighter and more flattering look, to balance your facial features.

Two: Brush up – Using Garbo & Kelly brow brush, brush your hairs up this will show you exactly where you need to add depth and fullness. Start at the crease of the nose, straight up, then the side of the nose towards and the side of your eye, this will give you a guide to which brow guide is correct for your face shape.

Three: Fill with brow powder – Make sure you have first selected the perfect Garbo& Kelly brow shade for your complexion- usually two shades darker than your hair colour.

Apply brow powder to fill in any inconsistency in your brows, this will add depth and will fill in any holes, scars or inconsistent growth patterns. This is a fabulous way to create a glamorous and perfect “Hollywood” look to bring out your inner superstar.

Four: Highlight –Highlighting with Garbo& Kelly’s Master of Illumination which will create a 3D affect to create lift and definition to your brow. Apply the highlighter above the iris and follow to your tail – this will give you extra lift and create an elegant profile.

Five: Set and finish – Finish with clear or tinted gel in an upward motion to set and go, this will make the brow fuller, youthful and give a more chic look. As you want perfect brows all day – go from Work to Wow in minutes for a more thrilling look by applying Garbo& Kelly’s Brow Perfection.

Fashion Look: For a fashion look apply Garbo& Kelly Pomade over the top of your powder for a more breathtaking look.

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