Why Are Brows So Important?

@Michellecoxmakeup knows how to style Brows! Just look at this beautiful makeup look she has created using our brow range!

In our latest blog we look at why eyebrows are such an important aspect of your daily beauty regime. Possibly even the most important? There are MANY benefits that perfectly shaped brows, can bring to your face.

Now of course there will be some people out there who just don’t believe in the power of the brow, we shall call them non-browievers. However it has been widely proven that when eyebrows are shaped well – and to compliment your face shape – they have the power to change the overall appearance of our face, giving lift and lending balance and symmetry.

Since the brow revolution in around 2014, eyebrows have become the latest beauty wow – brow power if you will. Some celebrity eyebrows have even become almost as famous as their host – Cara Delevingne, we salute you.

So what can perfectly shaped brows achieve and how can they change someone’s face so dramatically?

Anti-Aging: For a start, brow maintenance is one of the most important investments in your make up repertoire and a non-evasive solution for anti ageing and giving lift to the face – no need for Botox just yet. This flattering beauty services can take years off someone’s age and make them look more youthful and elegant.

Who Needs Sleep: If you work long hours, have kids or like to party, then shaped eyebrows will instantly awaken the face, brighten your eyes and hide your lack of sleep and you will still feel and look like a Superstar!

Corrective: Perhaps you have small eyes or eyes that are far apart, if you have an issue that you long to correct, then shaping your brows can give you the solution you are after. Perfectly shaped brows can add definition, lengthen, give density, shape and enhance an elegant profile, which will take you from shapeless to fabulous!

Expression: There is nothing more wonderful than a perfectly timed wink, sultry look or inquisitive eyebrow raise. Our eyes are so expressive and can give away our emotions in an instant. Stunning brows add extra drama, mystery and beauty – they are the windows to our soul.

Enhance: Eyes are an integral part of the face and the eyebrows their frame. When shaped perfectly in proportion to your face shape, they can be corrective and enhancing of your natural beauty to flatter and balance your facial features. Having good eyebrows is all you need to conquer any inhibitions that come your way!

Make Up: If you have perfectly shaped brows naturally, quite often you can get away with little make up, but you should never be without Brow Gel or Brow Perfection Pencil. It is pretty rare to have a perfect growth pattern, and there is always room for improvement.

There is nothing unnatural about wanting perfectly shaped brows; in fact it is the most important feature on your face. As a test, take a selfie before and after you have shaped your brows with the Garbo & Kelly Brow Guides, and you will be amazed with the difference! We promise, you will never look back or second-guess, be confident that this is the best beauty box ticked forever!!